About Us

Our Story


Beginning as a modest resturant in 2012, Hyderabadi Zaiqa has grown into one of the most-admired restaurant in the country today – a testament to our committed pursuit of culinary and service excellence. A permanent fixture on Hyderabad’s cultural scene, people consider a trip to the city incomplete without a visit to this iconic place that serves the best Biryani. Our award-winning cuisine is loved for its purity and taste, true in every mouthful to its royal origins.

With multiple formats that include charming cafes, and welcoming restaurants, our Food taste make favourite hangouts spot for people from all walks of life. For the convenience and safety. We also practice the highest quality and hygiene standards to ensure our cuisine remains top-notch in all aspects. Industry best practices, world-class processes and cutting-edge technology enable our Outlets to set new benchmarks in the Food & Hospitality industry for their efficiency. We have a cutting-edge technology stack, with Dynamics and an advanced SCM, at its centre to helps us deliver robust operational performance.

We ensure consistency of taste and quality across Outlets through a meticulous application standard operating procedures. We have been recognized as one of the best Restaurants serving authentic Hyderabadi cuisine . We, however, believe that our greatest reward is the trust and loyalty bestowed on us by our delighted guests. We have strategic partnerships with key suppliers to ensure that the quality of our cuisine and service remains superior.

Led by a strong management team which is amongst the finest in the industry, Hyderabadi Zaiqa is poised to grow aggressively by opening new Outlets in several cities across UK in the coming years, thereby taking its legendary cuisine to more guests.


Our Mission

At Hyderabadi Zaiqa, this guiding principle matters in everything. Rather, it matters more than anything.

We shall always extend to our guests, an enthusiastic welcome and offer greatest service.

Our mission is to serve the best hyderabadi cuisine, including the ‘World’s Favorite Biryani’, in a comfortable and family-friendly environment.

Our objective is to keenly listen to our guests with a view to continuously improve and improvise the signature experience across all our outlets.

Our approch is to generate customer delight by serving guests in a truly personalized manner by paying close attention to their unique needs and expectations.

Our goal is to produce good cuisine, impart excellent service and provide a delightful and consistant experince across all our outlets.

Our elements for ensuring that we live upto the above philosophy is time- tested recipes, premium ingredients, professional staff, innovative practices and intese commitment.

In essence, our philosophy is best expressed through our tagline.


What We Offer

Our founders believed in simple principles, but they practiced them with unwavering dedication. Today, as we look to grow our presence and reach more guests, these values still show us the way.


We believe in building trust with our guests, employees and partners by conducting our business transparently and ethically.


For us, a guest is equivalent to king and we shall always extend him the greatest welcome and warmest service.

Hard work

We believe there are no shortcuts to success. We work hard as a team to delight our guests which will in turn ensure our continued success.


Food is sacred. It is therefore our duty to keep our cuisine pure by following the most stringent hygiene standards in preparing and serving it.

Hyderabadi Zaiqa is a socially responsible institution. We always strive to minimize energy usage, resource waste and environmental pollution. As responsible corporate citizens, we support several social causes and endeavor to create a lasting impact through our initiatives.